Sponsored: Get paid to play Steam games with Playfire

Playfire, from Green Man Gaming, lets you earn store credit from playing your favourite games via an initiative called Playfire Rewards – the more games you play and discover, the more you can earn off the next game you buy.

Playfire links up with your Steam account to track your progress through the games you own, and grants Playfire Rewards based on what you achieve – unlock a Playfire Reward, and you will receive credit to use on your next purchase from GreenManGaming.com.

It really is as easy as linking up your Steam account to get started – just by signing up, you can earn Green Man Gaming credit right away.

Link your Steam account and sign up for the Playfire newsletter now, and you've got £1 off the next game you buy on www.GreenManGaming.com . You can see the full list of games that currently have Playfire Rewards attached at www.Playfire.com/a/rewards .

You could earn a reward, for example, by playing a game for the first time, or by unlocking a well-earned Steam achievement – the rewards vary depending on the game, but every single one offers real credit you can spend on Steam keys, Origin downloads and much more.

Playfire Rewards are updated on a regular basis, so there are always new ways to earn credit. Playfire is about making your experience of playing games even more positive, about encouraging you to get the most out of your Steam library, or even discovering new titles that can help you earn even more Playfire Rewards.

Millions of people have the opportunity to earn money off their games – all by playing the games they already love.

Sign up at www.Playfire.com for free, and you can start earning rewards right now.