Spicy Horse's next project is OZombie, currently asking for $950K on Kickstarter

He's been doing a lot of thinking on what a possible Alice sequel would entail, but apparently that didn't pan out, because American McGee is now seeking Kickstarter backers for a different project. His studio, Spicy Horse, has today put forward its concept for OZombie, a Wizard of Oz-inspired thing that's been predictably put through McGee's hideously mutilating Cuisinart of a development process. The accompanying video sure is... something.

Nice to see the team has a since of humor about its overly gloomy fairytale re-conceptualizations (though part of me wonders if this whole video was just a channel for McGee to get to dress up in a vaguely steampunk manner for a few hours). Like Alice: Madness Returns, OZombie will be a narrative-heavy single-player experience focused around "role-playing, tactical combat, and exploration," though finishing the campaign will unlock a multiplayer mode too.

As per usual, it's the art style that's making this look enticing (admittedly because there isn't any gameplay available yet). Pledging a minimum of $15 will get you the single-player campaign, with further tiers offering rewards like a digital art book and a chance for you to be reskinned as a zombie and slapped into the game. If you're a fan of McGee's, you've got 41 days to tell Kickstarter how excited you are for Spicy Horse's next endeavor.