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Spellforce 3 releases in December, second game gets free Steam weekend

Here's a double-hit of news for SpellForce, the RTS-RPG mashup series that will soon release its third installment. Firstly, the release date for SpellForce 3 has been announced, with the freshly printed Steam page revealing that the game will be with us on December 7. There are also some lovely, seemingly fairly new screenshots on there, and a 10% pre-order discount, for this prequel set before the original game.

If you want to get up to speed with the series before then, SpellForce 2 is having a free weekend on Steam. You can play SpellForce 2: Anniversary Edition for nowt for the next day and a bit, and if you want to keep it after that, there's a 90% off sale for the same period as well. In fact, the entire SpellForce series has been heavily discounted on Steam, so have a browse if you're a fan of the series.