Spellbreak's first major update is now available

(Image credit: Proletariat)

Spellbreak, the free-to-play battle royale game with a fantasy theme, arrived on the Epic Games Store in September of last year. It quickly amassed 5 million players, and now developer Proletariat is keeping the fun going with a new update.

Spellbreak's Chapter 2 update, nicknamed 'The Fracture,' is now available on all platforms. It adds a new 5v5 objective-based mode, where you have to capture and control zones to gain points for your team. There's also a new seasonal ranking system, like just about every other competitive multiplayer game these days, as well as new outfits to buy and more regions to explore.

Proletariat says the update also has "A HUGE amount of gameplay and balance updates, environment features, bug fixes, matchmaking improvements, UI/UX refinements, and much more." It's impressive to see such a massive update only a few months after the game's original release, especially since the core game was already a blast.

It's also worth noting that Spellbreak is no longer exclusive to the Epic Games Store—it arrived on Steam in December. You can also play it on GeForce Now, and the game is available on all consoles too.

Corbin Davenport

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