Source-powered cyberpunk: EYE trailer

EYE thumb

Two things are immediately apparent when you start to investigate the progress of EYE, a Source powered FPS/RPG-in-development. The first is that they love cyberpunk so much that they've made a game where you work for the Secreta Secretorum , which is either a secretary's union or a pretty damn secret organisation. The second is that you want to play it.

I can't wait for this. If it plays well enough, I've a feeling the heady mix of "Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell and Warhammer 40,000" will be entirely tolerable, if not downright hilarious. By way of example, here's the full summary from the official website :

"After an unending war with the metastreumonic Force, the powerful organization Secreta Secretorum you belong to is finally ready to undermine the head-strong federation, despite an intense struggle for power."

So it's set just after the unending war. That head-strong federation had better get used to the taste of being undermined!