Soulfinity, the action-puzzler where killing yourself is the solution


Would you sacrifice yourself for victory? It's a dilemma common to story-heavy RPGs and team-based multiplayer shooters, and many players prefer staying alive over flaming out for glory. But in Soulfinity , an action-puzzler in development at Dojo Arcade, offing yourself is the only way to get ahead.

"In order to progress, you must sacrifice yourself which will create a soul that will help you to complete puzzles and defeat enemies," reads Dojo Arcade's description. "Each soul will perform the actions you did before your last sacrifice. Instead of being punished for dying, Soulfinity encourages you to cleverly sacrifice yourself in order to help your future self upon resurrection."

Got that? Good, because things get weirder. You control Odysseus—yes, the mythological Greek king of Ithaca from Homer's Odyssey, who has somehow mastered time as well as death to clash against the Titans in the year 2394 while sporting a glowing blue visor and armor straight out of a Flash Gordon episode to repeatedly kiss the dirt in style.

Soulfinity isn't the first game with puzzles using a clone mechanic—Dojo Arcade cites the browser-based Cursor*10 as a direct inspiration—but generating copies from slicing open your own neck is quite the unique approach. The game doesn't have a solid launch date, but Dojo Arcade hopes for a release sometime this year.

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Omri Petitte

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