Sorry, but EA says it's not teasing a new Mirror's Edge game

Mirror's Edge
(Image credit: EA)

Just ahead of the weekend, EA France caused a bit of a stir with a tweet asking, "Who recognizes this game?" The attached image was heavily pixelated but immediately recognizable nonetheless as a still from the most excellent parkour game Mirror's Edge.

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Naturally, this led to some hopeful speculation that EA was turning the key on the hype machine for a new Mirror's Edge game. It's been five years since Mirror's Edge Catalyst, after all, and 13 years since the first. A modern Mirror's Edge leaping onto the latest consoles isn't hard to imagine.

Alas, there doesn't seem to be anything of the sort in the works right now, or at least nothing close enough to begin winding people up. Earlier today, EA France clarified that it was just having a little fun.

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"So, it's not a teasing, just a game," it tweeted. "If we tease something one day, you will understand it right away, don't worry!"

It's disappointing (although not quite as much a letdown as Julian Gerighty stating outright that he's working on a new Splinter Cell, only to have Ubisoft awkwardly shoot it down as "joking"), but the good news is that Faith is still hanging on out there: From now until May 3, all EA Play members can claim the Have Faith weapon charm in Apex Legends for free.

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