Sonic The Hedgehog's first movie trailer is blue nightmare fuel

Sonic The Hedgehog's official movie trailer is out now—watch it above—and it's quite the thing. Everything is just not quite right, as though the idea of Sonic has been described to someone who has never played a Sonic game. Sonic doesn't even do one loop-the-loop.

The trailer, inexplicably accompanied by Gangsta's Paradise, also gives us our first official look at Jim Carrey's Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik. Wiry Carrey doesn't resemble the megalomaniac, but he does at least look utterly bizarre. It seems like he's trying to channel manic '90s Carrey, but the clips from the trailer aren't promising. It's Jim Carrey doing an OK Jim Carrey impression. With a moustache.

Eventually he'll look a bit more like Eggman, however. 

There's a lot to work through—why are rings portals? Twitter is currently obsessed with the fact that Sonic has human teeth, which is admittedly quite unsettling. Poor Sonic, he seems to look worse every time we see him. Thank goodness hedgehogs only live for a few years.

Sonic The Hedgehog is due out this November. Relive the hedgehog's halcyon days in our round up of every Sonic game ranked for some reason & Knuckles.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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