Son of Nor: telekinesis and terraforming in a dynamic desert world

Ignore Son of Nor's generic fantasy title and focus on this: it's a single/four-player co-op action adventure featuring physics-powered telekinesis, terraforming and elemental magic, which can be combined to seemingly hilarious effect. It's the Magicka/Zelda mashup you never knew you needed, and it's now on Kickstarter asking for $150,000 for the right to exist. Read on for the pitch video, plus a billion other equally intriguing video updates.

Looks neat, huh? As a dedicated terraformist, I'm particularly excited by your ability to raise sand into platforms, or dig a big pit to trap unwitting enemies. As From Dust illustrated, the desert is possibly the perfect place in which to conduct terraforming/telekinesis/magicky experiments - and here we get to conduct them with up to three other players. Son of Nor's funding campaign ends in three weeks, and it's currently raised nearly $43,000 of the required $150,000. You'll find roughly a gajillion dev diaries on Still Alive's YouTube channel - here are two of the more recent ones.

Tom Sykes

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