Sometimes Always Monsters is the sequel to Always Sometimes Monsters

Sometimes Always Monsters

Confused? Me too. Not just in general—this morning, instead of Coffee Mate, I added coffee to my coffee—but about Sometimes Always Monsters, the maddeningly named sequel to Always Sometimes Monsters (click to read our review).

It's on Steam here, where it's being described as an "antithetical sequel" to the 2014 RPG. To which I'd add, "Woo, the sprites are bigger and much more detailed."

Here's the setup:

"With your love at your side and your first book on the best-seller list, there's nothing that seems impossible to you. You've set the pain of your struggles behind you and settled into a comfortable life of stability.

"After all you've been through, surely there is no doubt it's well deserved. However, despite all you've earned, dissenting voices whisper of you from obscurity.

"They call you a monster, manipulative and unrepentant. Some seethe with jealousy, others send you unwarranted praise. Fanatics regard you with reverence, while the old guard question your true worth.

"Only You Can Decide If they're Right."

Sometimes Always Monsters 2

Now that sounds like a game I want to play. But I should probably start with the original, as you'll be able to import your save from ASM into SAM, so that your characters and choices will carry across.

The confusing name does make some sense. While Always Sometimes Monsters begins with a struggling author and goes from there, Sometimes Always Monsters inverts the premise, starting you as a successful writer whose life goes awry. It sounds fascinating, and while this new game doesn't have a release date other than simply "2016", there is a trailer.

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