Something horrible is afoot in Battlefield Heroes

Nothing bad could come of chugging a bottle of oddly glowing green liquid labeled "Miracle Tonic of the Ancients," right? I mean, according to this Battlefield Heroes trailer, it's capable of curing everything from rocket-induced toothaches to male pattern baldness! So this stuff can't be half bad. I'm sure it won't turn anybody into a mutant zombie at all.

The latest supply drop in the free-to-play browser shooter brings a lot of oddly Halloween-themed things to this sunny May afternoon, but it's not terrifying or anything; I'm sure this is all in good fun. For instance, the Nationals can toss a panic-inducing vial of black liquid called Schroedinger's Nightmare. And the Royals? They get a freaking beehive . See? Fun!

All of this exciting stuff is due to hit the Battlefield Heroes store "soon." Meanwhile, one shipment of the adorable Monsters and Mutants-themed gear has already landed; a collection of zombie parts is available for 999 Funds, which clocks in at less than $2. I mean, it's fun to play dress-up, especially since exceeding your recommended daily allowance of tonics will never, ever lead to your hideous mutation.