Someone has beaten Dark Souls 3 without getting hit

Most of us play Dark Souls games once, get killed a tonne of times, finish the game with only a shred of willpower left, and then retreat forever. Others approach it differently, like Twitch streamer FaraazKhan, who is so good at Dark Souls 3 that he's managed to complete it in less than three hours without being hit by a single enemy.

As you'll see, FaraazKhan spends a lot of time dodge rolling. Bravely, he's gone with a pure melee setup, so there's little sniping from afar with magic or arrows. Understandably, he avoids most of the game's optional bosses, and falls back on the trusty Homeward Bone in cases where things are getting a bit too hairy.

Check it out below. Cheers, Reddit.

Shaun Prescott

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