Solium Infernum free mini-expansion to add curses, demonic rituals and lava fields

Solium Infernum

The demonic, turn based betray-'em-up, Solium Infernum will be getting a free expansion pack shortly. RPS indicate a blog post from creator Vic Davis , outlining the features of the new update. It will add new curse manuscripts that can be used to drain enemies of their all-important Prestige points, adding yet another way to monstrously screw over your opponents. Delightful.

Solium Infernum is a brutal, complex turn based strategy set on the plains of hell. Each player must fight to gain enough prestige to become worthy of taking the Infernal Throne. You can do this by sending armies to conquer territory, but a bout of well targeted smack talk in front of the other demons of the underworld can earn you just as much credibility. Intrigued? Try out the demo . You'll definitely want to keep the Solium Infernum tutorial document close at hand for the first few games.

Tom Senior

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