SOE bans "a whole bunch of idiots" for cheating in PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2

In a pair of tweets (via VG247 ), SOE President John Smedley triumphantly announced the banning of "a whole bunch of idiots" caught hacking in PlanetSide 2, including one player who apparently spent $230 on in-game items.

"Buh bye," Smedley followed up. "Thanks for playing. Bunch of aimbots crashing like crazy now." He also claimed two players with over 300 hours of playtime each got the heave-ho. That's quite the magnitude of time sunk by the cheaters before the banhammer swung down, though some more-honest players are already clearing the 600-hour mark.

Smedley has openly expressed unfiltered negativity toward cheaters before, often taking to Twitter to announce the latest rounds of bans as a warning to wrongdoers. Back in December , he revealed his team relished "finding the ability to virtually tar and feather cheaters in-game," calling cheaters "a threat to our game and a threat to our livelihood."

Omri Petitte

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