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SOE reducing PlanetSide 2's weapon grind time by "about 30 percent"

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With PlanetSide 2 (opens in new tab) 's external beta ceasing operations today, developer SOE has paid particularly close attention to sustaining its focus on tweaking metagame mechanics (opens in new tab) and balancing gameplay (opens in new tab) based on tester feedback leading up to the MMOFPS' November 20 launch. In a forum dispatch (opens in new tab) , PlanetSide 2 Creative Director Matt Higby revealed plans to grenade the certification points grind by doubling gain rates and adjusting weapon costs.

"Based on a lot of feedback on the current weapon cert prices being too high from a time investment point of view, we're going to be making some adjustments to both cert gain rate and cert costs for weapon unlocks," Higby explained. "This will affect both vehicle and infantry weapons."

The change will hopefully reduce the time needed to cert for new weapons by around 30 percent. You'll now gain a single cert point for every 250 XP points, which is indeed double over the previous ratio established during beta.

Higby also wrote certain items such as additional class abilities and attachments will double in cert price as compensation with weapon pricing staying relatively the same. Check out the rest of his post (opens in new tab) for a chart breakdown of the cert cost differences at different pricing tiers.

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