Smart City Plan is the street-building game of your inner civil servant’s dreams

(Image credit: Smart City)

If you’re a virtual city architect it’s time to rejoice. Ambiera’s new SimCity-esque builder is seemingly obsessed with urban micromanagement. Smart City Plan is a town builder that aims to zero in on the small details of big city bureaucracy. 

According to the game’s recently released Steam page, you can plan “zones, roads, public transport like trains, trams, buses, subways and even the hypertube.” I don’t know exactly what a hypertube is, but I know my town definitely needs one.

Ambiera’s strategy title certainly seems to have a keen eye for detail. While architecture plays a big role in the game, you also have to step into the shoes of a law-abiding pencil pusher. As a (hopefully) corruption-proof official, it’s your job to decide policies affecting energy and water use, taxes, and even garbage management. And they say a civil servant’s job is never done. 

Smart City Plan seems a particularly relevant game for 2019, with the game’s Steam description promising you can “write laws about gun control, anti-corruption, pollution, speed limits, gambling and more.” 

You can also please the penguins by running an entirely green city, while NASA-like space companies can be attracted to your city with the right moves. Houston, we have a parking problem. 

The game is currently scheduled for an early 2020 release.