Slender: The Arrival beta footage is RIGHT BEHIND YOU

The free horror game Slender: The Eight Pages hexed the web last year, leaving a long trail of broken minds and weeping would-be Let's Play hosts in its wake. Creator Mark Hadley and Blue Isle studios have teamed up to create a prettier version called Slender: The Arrival, which will let fans enjoy the unbearable tension and pervasive throbbing despair of Slender all over again for the price of a pint. That's the pint you'll desperately need once the slim, suited horror has consumed your spirit and tossed your malformed husk limply aside to rot in the ice-blue light of your uncaring monitor. ENJOY :D

Some footage of the in-progress beta has made it out into the wild. That's below. The developers have done a good job of capturing the Blair Witch vibe the original couldn't. The pre-order package (which grants instant access to the beta) is just £3.27 as well, which seems like a sensible amount for a replayable but ultimately pretty short experience. There are higher tiers available if you want to show the team some support. They're all listed on the Slender: The Arrival pre-order page .

This one's out on March 26. Cheers, CVG .

Tom Senior

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