Slay the Spire is out now, with more PC-specific features coming

Roguelike card game Slay the Spire has escaped Early Access—our review is coming soon—after a fairly brisk 14-month stint. An update accompanies the launch, as well as a trailer that you can watch above. 

The game’s launch means the weekly updates will stop, but Mega Crit Games has plans for more “content”, along with some PC-specific features that the developer didn’t have enough time to finish before the release date. 

If you don’t want to trawl through a year of patch notes, Mega Crit’s put together a list of highlights from all the updates since November 14, 2017, including a new character, the final act and Steam Workshop support. Check out the entire list below. 

  • A third Character 
  • The final act 
  • Ascensions 
  • Daily climb 
  • Custom mode 
  • Seeded runs
  • Beta card portraits
  • Twitch beta integration
  • Upgradable colourless cards
  • Fast mode
  • Save slots
  • Boss map icons
  • Steam leaderboards
  • Steam Workshop support
  • Steam trading cards
  • Run history
  • Card library tabs
  • Rich Presence support
  • Controller support
  • 32-bit builds
  • Official soundtrack

The 1.0 update is a small one, mostly bug fixes and minor UI tweaks, such as fixing rare crashes and removing beta popups. Check out the patch notes here

While you’re waiting for our review, why not read about the time Tom beat Slay the Spire with a family of slimes

Fraser Brown
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