Signal Ops is a multi-perspective stealth FPS, out now

Signal Ops

If I knew supervising a squad of somewhat inept operatives during espionage missions would look so cool, I would've entered the spy management field a long time ago. Signal Ops demands the same level of cunning as other stealth shooters such as Syndicate or Deus Ex, but it also upends convention by feeding you the first-person views of all your teammates simultaneously . It's like playing a co-op game by yourself (or with buddies, don't worry), and it challenges your skills at multitasking and awareness.

Presented with a heavily stylized look of the dawning years of computerized surveillance, Signal Ops lets you control your entire squad directly from each member's eyeballs. Missions the avoid stack-shoot-kill sequence of tactical games like Rainbow Six, instead drawing upon your subtlety for positioning each operative without detection and giving the go-code for actions such as sniping, sabotage, document pilfering, or zapping a poor janitor. You can never trust janitors.

Here's how developer Space Bullet Dynamics Corporation describes it: "You work for a secretive government agency and lead your field agents from the relative safety of the control room on various espionage missions. Stealing secrets, sabotage, assassination, and all that sort of thing. This is no corridor shooter. The levels are open and you are free to tackle the objectives in the manner you see fit.”

Signal Ops is out now on GOG for $12.

Omri Petitte

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