Show us your rig: Whalebox Studio's Nadya Zhuk

9-8 Suyr 05

Show us your rig

Each week on Show Us Your Rig, we feature PC gaming's best and brightest as they show us the systems they use to work and play.

Nadya Zhuk is an associate producer at Whalebox Studios based in Siberia. They’re working on their own take on the isometric RPG with Goliath, currently on Kickstarter. Zhuk’s machine isn’t going to boil oceans or raze forests, but it gets the job done, especially with help from a feline companion and some fun desk decoration. She was kind enough to give us the rundown on her PC and what she's been playing.

What is in your PC?

  • CPU - Intel Core i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz
  • Motherboard - Gigabyte 1155
  • Memory - 8GB DDR3
  • Drives - 128GB SSD, 1TB HDD
  • Video - GeForce GTX 660
  • Display - Envision21"
  • Mouse - Razer
  • Keyboard - Genius
  • Camera - Logitech C310

9-8 Suyr 01

What is the most interesting/unique part of your setup?

My Steam library! It’s not crazy huge, but it’s quite big and diverse. Everything there was picked with love. Including family sharing with my best friend, it has 600 games.

What's always withing arm's reach on your desk?

My cat, Night-itself. She likes watching me play or, maybe, she just likes attention. And a bunch of game dev books. We lack them here in Russia, so I try to get some every time I travel. It’s always nice to learn something.

9-8 Suyr 07

What are you playing right now?

A little bit of everything, I guess. I love checking out new stuff, major and indie, and replaying old favorites. But what’s taking most of my gaming time right now—it’s definitely The Witcher 3. I’m still trying to finish it—it’s a really huge and pretty awesome game, I love how complex and detailed its world is.

And yet I always try to find some time to play co-op with my best friend—Borderlands 2 is our all-time favorite. I’ve lost count on how many times we started it over again. And, of course, I’m anxiously waiting for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Dishonored 2 and Fallout 4.

What’s your favorite game and why?

I’m huge nerd for good old games and classics: Doom, Hexen, Blood, Fallout, Deus Ex, PlaneScape Torment, Arcanum, Sierra and LucasArts adventures. All these games influenced me as a kid and teen a lot, and I’ve spent tons of my free time playing them. And thanks to these awesome games I always knew that I wanted to be a part of game industry.

Thank you, PC Gamer staff and readers for such a great opportunity to share my rig and my favorites! Play video games! And don’t forget to check out the Kickstarter for our game, Goliath!

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