Show us your New World characters

New World characters
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If you're jumping into New World today, you've got an agonising choice ahead before you find yourself shipwrecked in Aeternum. You'll need to decide what you're going to look like. I've yet to see a way to change your appearance, like World of Warcraft's barber, so you might be stuck this way for the long haul. Better make an effort. 

To celebrate the incredible milestone of finally settling on a character, why not pop a screenshot in here and show it off? Upload it to Imgur or another image hosting site and then chuck the link in the comments. Strut your stuff. 

(Image credit: Amazon)

New World's customisation options unfortunately leave a lot to be desired. While there are quite a few beards and hairstyles, you're stuck with choosing from some basic premade faces, which you can then try to gussy up with scars, freckles, and some makeup. 

It helps, however, that aside from the faces themselves, you can use everything regardless of your gender, offering a wee bit more flexibility than it first appears. But not much.

Thankfully there are some stylish threads to be looted and earned once you start playing, which does make up for the lacklustre character creation. I'm particularly fond of the hats, of which there are many, some of them pretty elaborate. A fancy hat makes everything better.

A few of us at PC Gamer have succumbed to the call of a new MMO and are already sporting some handsome headgear. Some of us, however, are still in rags, but will soon join the growing number of people who have converted to fancy hats.

Clearly we're ready for anything. But mostly slaying wolves. And what about you lot? Show us your snaps.

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