ShootMania Storm launch trailer: swooshing cameras, trick-jumps and laser-knight fights

Nadeo's twitchy team shooter goes on sale today and, as is the custom of their people, a trailer has been released to mark the occasion. It's pretty flash, simultaneously demonstrating the game's breakneck action and the merits of the in-game camera used to capture it. ShootMania has been built to be an eSports platform, y'see - so it comes with a reconfigurable rule-set and bristles with tools to help you set-up tournaments, capture footage and cast it.

The game's been in open beta since February, during which time the community has built something in the region of 40,000 maps using the in-game tools. And that is, apparently, just the tip of the mod-berg.

We've already been playing it, but we'll be bringing you our review once we've spent some time on the servers post-launch. In the meantime, watch out for some ShootMania-shaped news from us later today.

[VAMS id="Jt67BHwzoeYU6"]