Shogun 2 collector's edition adds extra playable faction

shogun 2 thumb

Total War: Shogun 2 will come in three flavours when it's released in March. The standard edition, a limited edition that adds a new playable faction and scenarios, and a collectors edition, which comes in its own bamboo war chest. Read on for the full details.

If you buy the limited or collector's editions of the games you'll have access to an extra unique faction, the Hattori Clan. The game will also include an extra historical scenario, the battle for the castle of Nagashino. It also grants your online avatar a shiny set of armour and a lump sum of XP to spend right away.

The collector's edition contains everything that the limited edition does, but also comes in a bamboo box which holds a Shogun 2 artbook and a figurine of Takeda Shingen, one of the most famous military leaders of the Sengoku period.

For an idea of how your online character will work in Shogun 2, check out our Shogun 2 multiplayer preview . For more information head over to the Total War: Shogun 2 site .

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