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Shogun 2 campaign trailer shows campaign map, geisha assassins and legendary ninja

Shogun 2 Soldiers on a beach

The latest Shogun 2: Total War trailer gives us our first proper look at the campaign map, and very nice it is too. The video reveals that the deadly Geisha Assassins and Legendary Ninja will be returning for the sequel, complete with branching video sequences that show whether your assassination attempts end in success or comedy failure. You'll find the video below.

We also catch a glimpse of the new experience system that will let you upgrade your agents on the campaign map, giving them more abilities with every order they complete. To find out if Shogun 2 will run on your PC, check out the recently announced system requirements . It's also now available to pre-order . Check the official site for more information to help you prepare for its release on March 15th.

Tom Senior
Tom Senior

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