Shattered Haven launch trailer has children to rescue, zombies to squish

Shattered Haven

Shattered Haven calls its hordes of zombies "Grays," but that just confuses me into thinking I'm fighting off undead Roswell aliens. That actually sounds kind of cool, but Shattered Haven already looks neat enough as it is. It's a top-down indie puzzler from Arcen Games, the same developer behind the side-scroller A Valley Without Wind, and its near 100 hand-shaped levels form a post-apocalyptic world wracked with zom—er, Grays.

You're Darrell Williams, and you're out to find and rescue the remaining members of your family, including your daughter. Each environment features puzzles and traps along with bonus objectives for nabbing higher score ranks at the end of a level. "I never wanted this," Williams complains. "I never wanted adventure or to save the world." I think Adam Jensen wants a word with you, Mr. Williams.

You can grab Shattered Haven at a 25 percent discount on Steam and GOG . Here's the release trailer.

Omri Petitte

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