Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director's Cut coming next month

Shadowrun Returns' Dragonfall expansion was a huge improvement over the main campaign, so it was a little frustrating that you were required to fork out for Returns in order to play it, particularly when it only shared a setting with the original game. As mentioned last month , the situation is thankfully about to change, with a new standalone version of Dragonfall that will be available for free to existing owners (and Kickstarter backers). A few more details have just come to light about what the new version entails, and it sounds like there will be a fair bit of additional content on offer, plus changes to the combat system and interface. There is also a release date: 18th September.

New missions, new music, a revamped interface and combat system, and swisher visual effects are the order of the day here, along with a new armour system that will be detailed in a developer diary before release. You can see the new interface below, complete with sexy, sexy toolbars that no longer require you to click through to access your other weapons or abilities.

Another interesting titbit: the original, expansiony version of Dragonfall will be removed from sale (but not from your game library) when this new version releases, for the same price of $14.99. As such, there will also be a new Steam Workshop page to go along with it. Devs Harebrained Schemes will provide details on how to change your mods so they'll be compatible with the new editing tools—the Kickstarter's updates bit is likely where that info'll be posted.

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