Sega wants to create more 'global hits' and to 'revive major IPs'

Off the back of its recent successes—not least Creative Assembly's fantasy strategy endeavour Total War: Warhammer—Sega hopes to expand its profile with more 'global hits'. 

That's according to the company's Road to 2020 business forecast, which also outlines a desire to revive 'major IPs' at some point down the line. 

Under the subsection titled "Major Issue 'Create titles that will become global hits'", Sega says it plans to "Reinforce various IP measures including reutilization of dormant IPs, in addition to existing IPs".

Elsewhere, the report suggests Total War: Warhammer shifted half a million units in three days, while the company's total unit sales for the previous fiscal year hit 10.28 million. Sales from "new titles" made up 5.24 million of that figure. 

Naturally, it's all food for thought until it starts working on something however which "dormant" game series would you like to see Sega dig into? Share your thoughts in the comments below.  

Cheers, VG24/7.