See what you're up against in latest TERA fly-through


We've got the exclusive look at creepy, spider-filled Arachnaea, the latest zone being revealed for TERA--the action, fantasy MMO coming out later this year from En Masse and Bluehole Studios!

Tucked inside the caves of a dreary forest, Arachnaea is a massive stone caven filled with creepy poisonous gas-spewing spiders and their gross breeding grounds (complete with wriggly sacs). These aren't your normal spiders, either--they're being summoned by sinister priests in service of the evil goddess Arachne. To make matters worse, the massive spiders (arachens in TERA terminolgoy) raid nearby towns for meals and sacrificial offerings on a regular basis, and there's not much that can stop them. The video shows signs of a few adventurer camps inside the caves, but all of them look deserted. Watch the short video below for a full look of the zone!

(Arachnophobes, watch with caution.)