See the first pictures of the Steam Machines prototype

Image Source: Ken Lambert, The Seattle Times

If, in the months since the announcement of Steam Machines, you've been waking up in cold sweats, shaking in terror at the possibility that Valve's hardware wouldn't be a grey box... well, your fears should now be set to rest. A new Seattle Times profile of Valve's living room ambition contains among the first few pictures of the prototype Steam Machine, showing dark and light shades of the plain, grey theme. While they're 48 short of an erotic novel, it's more than enough for a news post.

Image Source: Ken Lambert, The Seattle Times

The article also contains information about things previously suspected, including that users will be able to get at the Linux bubbling under the surface, or load Windows onto their Steam Machine.

The Verge , meanwhile, have also been studying the hardware, and discovered that the Steam Controller has a gyroscope and that an unannounced VR headset could potentially be used as a way for Valve to incorporate biometric feedback into the process. This wouldn't be a huge surprise, given all that Gabe Newell has said about biometrics over the years.

Thanks, NeoGAF .