Scrolls will now let you have friends, encourages battling with them via double-gold event

Mojang's hosting a double XP event for Scrolls next Monday, and they beseech you to ask your fellow "scrolldiers" (oof, now there's a pun I'm downright envious of) to join in. The occasion? Why, the fact that you can have fellow scrolldiers now, of course! Today's update finally busts out a friends list feature—and you're encouraged to start your list with a bang by adding some of the developers during the day-long double-gold doozy.

According to the Scrolls blog , it's an opportunity to chat with the developers for a few hours and add them to that newfangled Friends List thing to facilitate future harassment polite exchanges about game balance issues. Oh, and you can play the game too, of course. Doing so will net you twice the usual amount of gold. It starts next Monday, at 6pm CEST Swedish time, though you can check out this handy page to see what that is in your own timezone.

As for that Scrolls update , what else can you expect? Well, there are some new chat commands (type "/help" for more info). Nine new scrolls introduce such awe-inspiringly named wonders as the Solemn Giant and the Metal Wonder. And, as usual, there's the usual host of bug-fixes.