Sci-fi RPG Mars: War Logs rolls onto Steam

Mars: War Logs . I can't pinpoint what's wrong with that name, exactly, but after rolling it over my tongue a couple of times I'm now convinced it's about a group of Warlocks sponsored by the Mars confectionary company. It's actually an RPG set on everybody's favourite red planet, starring an improbably named hero called Roy Temperance. (I'm willing to bet he's ironically not the temperate sort.) It's also out now on Steam , for the surprisingly low price of £14.99. Crafting, companions, choices and Technomancers are just a few of the things waiting should you decide to get your ass to Mars. Launch trailer below.

I don't know about you, but I found that rather convincing, even if it was entirely devoid of gameplay footage - but then I am a sucker for sci-fi, kinda cyberpunk RPGs. Mars: War Logs' non-arachnid developers Spiders previously brought us the coolly received Of Orcs and Men, so it might be best to approach this one with a degree of caution, despite Roy Temperance's magnificent, hypnotic facial hair.

Tom Sykes

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