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Save 78 percent on Civ 6 in Fanatical's sale, beating its Steam sale price

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Fanatical (opens in new tab), an online retailer which sources all its keys from developers and publishers, currently has a big sale on Civilization 6 (opens in new tab) keys. A 78 percent means you can get the game for a slightly lower price than it was during the Steam Autumn sale ($18/£15, according to Steam Prices (opens in new tab)). It's not the only thing discounted: Tropico 5 and all its DLC (opens in new tab) comes together in a complete bundle for just $5/£3.49.

There are still a bunch of other deals worth checking out while we're in the sales season. Hitman 2 (opens in new tab) is already discounted by 20%, but if you use the code BLACKFRIDAY10 (the link above will add it automatically at checkout), you can save another 10% off. While you can't use that voucher on the Civ 6 and Tropico 5 deals above, you can deploy it on the likes of Football Manager 2018 (opens in new tab), PUBG (opens in new tab), and Pillars of Eternity's Definitive Edition (opens in new tab)

Hitman 2 is probably the pick of the bunch, there. We gave it 84% (opens in new tab) just 19 days ago. 

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