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Sandisk’s 128GB UltraFit USB drive is insanely small

Front: SanDisk Ultra. Rear: SanDisk UltraFit.

When you look at SanDisk’s UltraFit drive, you might ask the same question I did when I first saw it: where the hell does the flash memory go? The UltraFit is seemingly nothing more than a USB Type-A plug and a tiny piece of curved plastic to hold it by. But somehow, SanDisk managed to fit 128 gigabytes of flash storage in there.

When we were researching thumbdrives for our best USB drives guide, the SanDisk UltraFit was actually our pick for a low profile USB drive. It’s not a category that delivers great performance or (usually) tons of storage. Low profile drives are ideal for permanently plugging into a laptop or other portable device to add some additional storage.

Now the UltraFit will come in a 128GB model, and it’s still just as tiny as the 16-64 gigabyte drives. I asked SanDisk how when I met with them at Computex, and they told me that the flash storage is integrated into the USB plug itself. Which makes sense, because there really is nowhere else it could be.

The 128GB UltraFit will offer the same max read/write speeds as the smaller models—SanDisk promises 130 MB/s reads. That should actually be faster than your average 5400 RPM notebook drive, should you need extra laptop storage space for games. Naturally, we'd recommend an SSD first. The UltraFit will be available end of June or early July for $120.

Wes Fenlon
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