Samorost 3 details revealed - will have three planets, each with their own distinct soundtracks

Amanita Design's stunning adventure games have become inseparable from their beautifully jazzy, experimental soundtracks, provided by one of the very best in the business, Tomas Dvorak (AKA Floex ). Now, a few details of the long-awaited Samorost 3 have come to light, courtesy of an Igloo Mag interview with the man himself. The full-length sequel will feature three different planets, each with their own "needs" - needs that Dvorak is meeting with a multi-part soundtrack that may be his most ambitious yet.

"I dare say it's really beautiful. I'm excited about it," Dvorak said in the interview, before revealing a few titbits about the game and its score. "Originally the intention was to work in a traditional way, by writing the score for a small ensemble. Then we'd develop the music electronically. But by doing this we found out that it didn't work for the atmosphere of the game. Now, I'm producing the music in a more experimental style. The good thing about this project is that there are separate parts in the game — the different planets. So, I can approach different planets with different concepts.”

That's about all we know of Samorost 3 at the moment, other than that it's a full-length sequel to the relatively short originals, and it might not see the day until 2015 . Early last year the very first screenshots emerged (as seen above), though they're likely to be fairly out-of-date now.

Amanita's latest point-and-click is the organic Botanicula, which we reviewed here .

Tom Sykes

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