Saints Row 4 gets another chance at Australian classification

If you haven't been too busy running for president or gaining super powers, you may recall that Saints Row IV became the inaugural title to be refused Australia's R18+ rating. The Australian Classification Review board didn't much care for the anal probe weapons or illegal drug use, and effectively banned the game from being sold in the country. Not all is lost, however, as the board says it's going to take another look at the game on July 29.

We contacted Deep Silver to ask if and how the Australian version of Saints Row IV would be altered:

"Deep Silver can confirm that an appeal has been lodged with the Australian Classification Board with regards to Saints Row IV not being age rated for that region. Deep Silver and the Australian Classification Board will discuss the original content of the game in detail with the desired outcome that an age rating is granted allowing gamers to play the game as Volition intended. The meetings will take place at the Appeal Board's discretion and the results of these discussions will be revealed in due course."

Basically, Deep Silver doesn't know exactly what it has to change until it meets with the Australian Classification Board. However, it's safe to say there will probably be fewer probes of the anal variety in the Australian version of Saints Row IV. Take that as you will.