Ryzen 9 3900X shortage is leading to jacked up prices on eBay

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Not surprisingly, AMD's third-generation Ryzen processors are proving popular. So popular, in fact, that the Ryzen 9 3900X is extremely tough to come by at the moment, unless you're willing to pay an inflated price on eBay.

Pricing on eBay for the 3900X currently ranges from $639.99 on the low end all the way up to $999.99 at the very top. It's a fine processor, but holy hell, that is twice the MSRP on the high end—the suggested price is $499.

Here's a look at the full Ryzen 3000 series lineup:

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Looking at listings that have recently sold, there are a bunch that have gone for around $650-$680. That is pretty much the going rate on eBay.

AMD is chalking up the shortage to a "historic launch," adding that it's working to replenish inventories among its retail partners.

"We are providing significant product volumes to our retail and e-tail partners. We’re excited to see the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Radeon 5700 Series and Ryzen 3000 series desktop processors. AMD is working quickly to restock e-tail and retail partners globally following significant demand," AMD said in a statement to PCWorld.

Meanwhile, the 3900X is sold out at places like Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg. Over at B&H Photo, however, the e-tailer is accepting preorders, priced at $499. There is no mention of when it will actually ship out though.

ShopBLT is also accepting orders for the 3900X even though it's not yet in stock. According to the site's real-time availability tracker, 8,870 units are bound for its Tennessee warehouse on July 30, followed by 9,100 more at various locations in early August.

If you're looking to buy a 3900X, your best bet is to wait a few weeks. Alternatively, if you happen to live near a Micro Center, it's worth calling to find out if they have one in stock and would be willing to set it aside.

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