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RuneScape 3 infographic details new players, murdered cows

I'm not sure infographics are the best way to impart understandable data. For instance, there are pieces of information that can be processed at a glance. Things like: RuneScape 3 has received 300,000 new players in the last month. That makes sense as a statement. It is some people, finding their way into a heavily updated game . Jagex's infographic version of how popular their game is? "Every minute, 2,076 cows are slain."

Don't worry, they also tell you how many burgers that would make.

From the hard facts category, it's also been announced that a further 100,000 lapsed players have also reactivated their account since the relaunch. Along with the engine upgrades, the browser MMO's third version also began the "Battle of Lumbridge" event, which aimed to give players some control over the fate of the world. "With the Battle of Lumbridge we were looking to give the players a new way to interact with RuneScape and place their mark on the world," said RuneScape executive producer Phil Mansell.

"We've seen over a 150 million votes cast on how the battle campaign should be fought, with players making decision on everything from what kind of reinforcements they get to how they can support their chosen god with buffs and new units. Players have so many ways to affect the current battle, from killing enemies or donating resources to their chosen deity, and it is this player driven dynamic which puts the future of the game very firmly in the players' hands."

This month, Jagex have launched "Super September", which offers daily challenges for players to take on. You can find details about the event here .

And, without further ado, here is a big picture full of random scraps of information.

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