Rome II's final faction flaunts fearsome phalanx formation

To the surprise of few, the last playable faction rounding out Total War: Rome 2's launch line-up is the Egyptians. Granted, these may not be precisely the Egyptians you're familiar with. During this period of history, the children of the Nameless Empire were ruled over by Hellenistic (Greek) successors of Egypt's not-long-departed conqueror, Alexander the Great.

"The intermingling of Greek and Egyptian fighting styles provides the Ptolemaic Pharaohs with a military that is both advanced and balanced, yet still honours the role of the champion commander," the faction page reads. "Making great use of spear and pike, their forces are further diversified with skilled swordsmen, scythed chariots, and more exotic units such as African war elephants. Egypt's position on the Mediterranean Sea also requires a substantial navy to protect its colonial and trade interests."

With all of the question marks filled, we have our starting lineup of Rome, Carthage, Macedon, the Iceni and Arverni Celts, Germanic Suebi, Parthian Persians, and Ptolemaic Egyptians. This leaves... actually, a good majority of the map is filled in by minor factions, which will create an interesting and different campaign feel, where each major power will have to get its own neighborhood in order before clashing with the others. I really like the sound of it, honestly.

We'll be getting some more face time with Rome II at GDC next week, so keep a scout posted on PC Gamer and watch for our signal.