Rollcage-inspired racer Grip is now on Kickstarter


Grip is a futuristic combat racer inspired by the Rollcage series. The "inspired" in that sentence is cryptic code for the fact that they can't legally call it Rollcage 3. The Kickstarter page does, however, make its many similarities clear:

  • Grip is about big-wheeled future-cars that can drive on walls, like in Rollcage.
  • A couple of members of the development team previously worked on Rollcage.
  • One of its stretch goals is for a mode that's basically identical to Rollcage: Stage 2's Scramble.
  • Even the soundtrack features a number of artists from Rollcage: Stage 2's soundtrack.

It's as close as we're going to get to a new Rollcage game, then, and the team want $657,000 CAD to secure its development.

There's a bunch of stretch goals, should it make that target. Many are labelled as "Backer's Choice," giving the community the option to vote for the addition they'd most prefer.

Here's the Grip Kickstarter page, if any of that sounds of interest.


Phil Savage

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