Rokh, the survival crafting game set on Mars, enters Early Access on May 16

Rokh, a survival crafting game set on Mars, is being created by an increasingly impressive list of developers, including two ex-Assassin's Creed devs, Benjamin Charbit and Marc Albinet, who were later joined by Viktor Antonov, art director and conceptual artist for Half-Life 2 and visual design director for Dishonored. In addition to the new gameplay trailer you can see above, the date of Rokh's arrival on Steam Early Access has been announced: May 16.

We got a hands-on session with Rokh, and talked to Benjamin Charbit, at last year's PAX (at the time, Rokh was expected to enter Early Access in September of 2016). The early build we played didn't give us a lot to do beside construct a basic shelter, so we're keen to see how the game has evolved and get a look at the crafting system described on the site:

Instead of classic blueprints, ROKH’s crafting system is based on modularity. Devices, tools and weapons are craftable and customizable, but must also serve your needs. Some crafted devices can be socketed into your walls to automate tasks, provide heavier defense systems, increase survivability, provide creature comforts and much more.

Rokh being a survival game, you'll also need to manage your food and water intake, protect yourself from extreme cold and radiation, and make sure you can, y'know, breathe. The price hasn't been announced yet—the Steam page only states: "According to the current scope we aim less than $30."

You can learn more at the official site. There's a few screenshots below as well.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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