Rogue Invader is a 1-bit roguelike shooter

Roguie Invader

Supporting my otherwise completely unsupportable theory that games are made by throwing darts into a wall of nouns, here's Rogue Invader. It's a 1-bit side-scrolling roguelike shooter. Yes, indeed. Distinctive visual gimmick aside, it's a robust sounding package—complete with minibosses, sidequests, procedural generation and weapon modification.

Here, for you, is a trailer:

The "1-bit HD" means the game is rendered through either black or white pixels—a bit like what Lucas Pope is doing with Return of the Obra Dinn. Here, though, you're upgrading weapons and killing aliens, rather than exploring a 19th century ship.

Despite the trailer's request to thumbs-up Rogue Invader's Steam Greenlight page, it has now been accepted onto the store. You can find more details at that aforementioned page. Rogue Invader is due out later this year.

Phil Savage

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