Rockstar Games and CircoLoco form new record label

Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto games may feature guns, crimes, and antiheroes in equal measure, but those games are also all about music. The GTA series has regularly featured some of the best soundtracks in games, and its iconic radio stations and bumpin' dance clubs means players aren't just submerged in violent heists, high speed chases, and gun battles with the cops, but a world of music, too.

Fitting then that Rockstar Games has announced the creation of a new record label. It's partnered with CircoLoco, which is described (by CircoLoco) as "one of the most influential brands in global club culture." The new label, called CircoLoco Records, will release its first album called Monday Dreamin' on July 9.

“Music is fundamental to Rockstar Games – it’s part of everything we do," reads a press release from Rockstar Games. “Partnering with our friends at CircoLoco is part of our ongoing efforts to find new ways to bring the very best underground music to the widest audience possible."

"Representing house and techno for over 20 years through its parties at Ibiza’s DC10 and around the world, CircoLoco's dance floor has become a principal intersection between underground dance music and elements of fashion, art and wider culture," says the new CircoLoco Records site. "The launch of CircoLoco Records reinforces CircoLoco’s commitment to championing forward-thinking dance music artists beyond the club."

There's a track out now, called Lumartes (Extended) by Seth Troxler you can listen to below, and a new track will drop each week leading up to the album's full release. Other artists on Monday Dreamin' include Lost Souls of Saturn, Ramp, Moodymann, Butch, Margaret Dygas, Bedouin, Jamie Jones, Tale of Us, and many more.

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