Risen 2: Dark Waters announced, will have pirates and guns

Risen 2

Deep Silver have announced that Risen 2: Dark Waters is in development. The RPG sequel will take place several years after the first game, and will be set across a series of islands in a world devastated by aquatic titans. More importantly, it will feature pirates. Your nameless hero must explore a series of southern islands on the rumour that the local privateers know a way to fight back against the monstrous creatures of the sea. A new website has been launched, along with some concept art showing off the brighter, more exotic world.

Deep Silver say that the game is based on "an all-new technical foundation," hinting at a revamped engine. Despite the new look, Risen 2 promises that the setting will still be a "dark and gritty universe." The new Risen 2 site has a panoramic view of one of the game's islands. Check out the artwork below for a glimpse of the swashbuckling new theme.

No release date has been announced yet, but a NeoGAF poster reports details from German magazine PCGames that Risen 2 includes improved motion-captured animations, firearms combat, and the ability to travel between islands and fight off attacking sea creatures.

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