Riot Games is also working on what looks like a Diablo-style action RPG

Riot Games took the opportunity to make a wave of announcements and reveals during its tenth anniversary livestream tonight, but one of those might have slipped your eye. In between announcing both a fighting game and a tactical FPS, we also got a sneak peak at something that looks an awful lot like a Diablo-style action RPG.

The clips where it was shown were brief, but according to a brief overview in a press release, this is referred to as "Project F" internally at Riot and is a "project that explores the possibilities of traversing the world of Runeterra with your friends." 

We don't know anything more than that, but making an action RPG set in the LoL universe makes sense considering how similar the DNA between MOBAs and ARPGs is.

What Project F really is and what shape it will take when it releases potentially years in the future we just don't know, however. But you can watch the video above to get a glimpse of it.

Steven Messner

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