Rift: Storm Legion expansion gets release date

Although Guild Wars 2 and The Old Republic have dimmed Rift's limelight somewhat, developer Trion's excellent adherence to steady content updates chugs along with Storm Legion , the first expansion pack. It's set for a November 13 release, but what foes await within? Well....

Towering powerhouses of demonic muscle need little reason for busting apart a mountainside and kicking over everyone's sandcastles, but the mere fact something so gigantic threatens Telara's very existence screams "heroics." It also screams "loot." A new dungeon, "Exodus of the Storm Queen," compliments two immense zones dwarfing Rift's original landmass and a population explosion of enemies dying to throw shiny baubles in your direction.

Storm Legion also boosts the level cap to 60, adds three more raids, a single Chronicle, and a small avalanche of new mounts, pets, titles, artifacts, and collectibles. Pre-ordering the $40 standard version or the $60 Infinity edition -- the latter includes a portal generator, a speedy Cyclone mount, and a Mini Regulos pet -- also nets you a storm-themed exclusive cape for those sashaying fits around town.

Omri Petitte

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