Ridge Racer: Unbounded PC City Creator doesn't work, patch incoming

Graham's been drifting around Ridge Racer: Unbounded's streets today, but has encountered a widespread problem with the City Creator, in that it doesn't even slightly work. After naming the track and trying to get into the track creator screen, the game crashes to desktop. It's a problem that many players have been experiencing, according to reactions on the Steam forums .

Developers, Bugbear, have posted on Twitter saying that they're aware of the issue. "Looks like we have a PC patch issue preventing the City Creator from launching. Working on it, will update when resolved."

That'll be soon, hopefully. The City Builder lets players create custom tracks stretched across 64 blocks. You can increase the complexity of your custom levels by unlocking new parts as you play, and your creations can be shared with friends online. Check out the trailer above for a glimpse of what you're in for.

Tom Senior

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