Ride hoverbikes through a cel shaded desert in Project Sable

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I haven't seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but I have seen that clip of hoverbikes riding through a salt-white desert kicking up red smoke. Project Sable looks like That Clip: The Game. Developer Shedworks is keeping it close to their chest for now, but they guarantee "you will be able to drive around a desert on a hoverbike." And you know what? That could be enough. Soaring over cel shaded sand dunes sounds like a good time.

It looks pretty neat, too. There's a lot of detail nested in Project Sable's seemingly endless wasteland. Flecks of sand whiz through the air, shooting stars streak across the horizon, holes and weeds freckle the flats, and your only companions are the dust clouds trailing behind you. You wouldn't think something could look quiet, but here we are.  

I'm in it for the sand cruisin', but I'm also rather anxious to see what else Project Sable lets you do. Shedworks has shown images of a few different hoverbikes over on the game's official blog, so perhaps we'll see some ride customization? 

Shedworks isn't sure when Project Sable will come out, but they're hoping to hit 2019. They've already checked the 'find a publisher' box on the release to-do list thanks to Raw Fury. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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