Returnal PC leaks again, definitely has DLSS and FSR support

A new video has popped up on Youtube (see above, until the inevitable takedown) showing PlayStation 5 roguelike Returnal running on PC. The short clip remains paused on the game's graphics settings menu, though unfortunately it doesn't scroll through the entire list of options. What it does show is enough to confirm Returnal's graphics options on PC will be pretty extensive, including multiple image upscaling techniques.

Whoever recorded the 53-second clip spends most of it flipping through Returnal's Screen Optimizations setting, which includes a few choices:

  • Resolution scaling - Rendering the game at lower than native res for increased performance.
  • Dynamic resolution - Letting the game automatically lower resolution during demanding scenes.
  • DLSS - Nvidia's popular AI-based upscaling technique is included. Nice. It has Performance, Balanced, Quality, Ultra Performance, and Ultra Quality options.
  • AMD FSR - AMD's upscaling technique is here too, with the same options as DLSS.
  • NIS - Another Nvidia upscaling technique that doesn't require an RTX graphics card.

The rest of the graphics settings we can see confirm a few other welcome features: unlocked framerate support and ray tracing for both shadows and reflections. Given the DLSS support above, it seems likely Returnal will support Nvidia's RTX ray tracing tech.

This is, like, the fourth time Returnal's PC port has leaked in some form. It popped up on SteamDB and showed up in a GDC talk earlier this year, and someone already posted screenshots of the graphics settings page alongside a leak of Sony platformer Sackboy. Probably time to own up to this one, Sony.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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