Retracing the historic route of the Orient Express in Euro Truck Sim 2

Watch Andy's road trip in the video above.

The Orient Express is probably the most famous train in the world, thanks in part to Agatha Christie setting a very popular murder mystery on it. Over the decades the train has followed several different routes, but its golden era was when you could get it from London all the way to Istanbul.

Road to the Black Sea is an expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2, adding three new regions and a bunch of new cities to the game. And one of these cities is Istanbul, which means you can retrace the historic route of the Orient Express in a truck.

(Image credit: SCS Software)

So, not being allowed to go on holiday this summer because of the lockdown, I decided to do just that, embarking on a virtual road trip inspired by the iconic luxury train. I was able to visit every city on its 1930s/1940s route except Belgrade, because Serbia isn't in ETS2 yet sadly.

Here's the route I took, if you want to try it yourself. It takes about five hours, so make sure you set an evening aside.

London — Calais
Calais — Paris
Paris — Zurich
Zurich — Innsbruck
Innsbruck — Vienna
Vienna — Budapest
Budapest — Bucharest
Bucharest — Istanbul

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