Resident Evil remake trailer revamps haunted house

Resident Evil

Capcom have put out some new footage of the enhanced version of Resident Evil coming to PC early next year. They've uprezzed those backgrounds to support widescreen displays and added detail with polygonal models crisp things up. No word on whether the amazing voice acting will receive its own makeover, but Redfield's stance remains reliably wooden. Ah, nostalgia.

The growing trend for remastering classics is good for new audiences who want to discover a classic without the need to find a working Playstation, but can have negative consequences. In the film industry remastered releases can put original cuts out of production (try to find an original, pure version of Star Wars), for games they can consign the original version to death on fragile disks while the remastered versions live on in everlasting digital formats.

Resi Enhanced is a remaster of the 2002 Gamecube remaster of the 1996 original. As chunky and silly as the old game looks now, that wonky original is a historical artifact consigned to a limited run of crumbling CD Roms. Its legacy will live on on YouTube, at least.

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